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Onstage Acoustic Guitar Amplification

It was fun being featured in the January 2013 issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine. I was asked to shoot a video talking about my onstage amplification setup, for an article and a series of videos “Real-World Rigs From Acoustic Guitar”…videos of several SF BayArea guitarists, including Garrin Benfield, James Nash, Jackie Green, andLaurence Juber, as well as one of my favorites, Northern California’s own Nina Gerber. I motored up to Marin from the City to the offices of AG mag….

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Walter Strauss – Ishi

Walter Strauss has the most unique style. With strong compositional skills at his command, Walter makes use of techniques he has developed based on West-African music. Walter has thoroughly absorbed the feel of this music and informed it with his own feel for modern fingerstyle.
Playing on an Oneida Guitar also gives Walter a special sound. With the song he played for my camera, the sublime ‘Ishi’, Walter overcomes the ‘seen-it-all-before’ attitude, and amazes with powerful rhythms and intricate picking, with no need for flashy pyro-technics.

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Fingerstyle at FARwest 2009–Six Approaches

Fingerstyle guitarist Mokai took video of several Fingerstyle Guitarists for the annual Folk Alliance Region West (FAR-West), presenting them together in a half-hour video “Fingerstyle at FARwest 2009”. The video includes songs by six different performers playing their original material, including Walter Strauss, Shaun Cromwell, Ernest Troost and Garrin Benfield.

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