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Jorma Acoustic Live on the M-30 Custom Martin Guitar

I guess every aficionado of folk-blues has a story about where they were when they realized that Jorma Kaukonen existed. For many, the original Hot Tuna album was the crack in the pavement that showed us there was something outside electric music. The roots of the music, roots which went deep down to someplace true […]

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Garrin Benfield – Unbound

I’ve known San Francisco based singer-songwriter Garrin Benfield for some time. In the mid ‘oughties’ (this century has turned out sucky for decade names so far,) we were booked on the same bill at a local SF acoustic music showcase night. At the end of the evening, Garrin and I jumped onstage for an impromptu […]

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The Intonation of the Gods – The “Schoenberg Set-up” Part Two

Schoenberg heard fingerstyle music and the sound of the guitar in a very particular way and this led him to work with a number of world-class luthiers to develop his own limited-edition line of guitars. Along the way he worked out how to set up a guitar to optimize it for fingerstyle.

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Intonation on Fingerstyle Guitar – The “Schoenberg Set-up” Part One

One of the things I learned after years of frustration is: if you want correct intonation on an acoustic, you need a tech who knows acoustics. And if you want correct intonation for fingerstyle, you need a tech who gets fingerstyle. A tech who only plays electric guitar or acoustic rock probably won’t get what you need, or know how to deliver it. Enter the Schoenberg set-up.

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Fingerstyle Guitar Nirvana – Schoenberg Guitars

Schoenberg Guitar Store is the inner sanctum of Fingerstyle Guitar Nirvana. Nestled on a curvy, shady street in off-the-beaten-path Tiburon, CA, the shop is like a little magical glen, festooned with nothing but the nicest guitars you’ve ever seen–all of them dedicated to fingerstyle. There’s a preference here. OM model guitars abound. New Martins, fresh from Nazareth, PA and vintage instruments that are tuned and set-up perfectly.

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The Perfect Fingerpicking Guitar

A discussion of acoustic guitars most suited to fingerpicking. The attributes, guitar woods, and makers of fingerpicking guitars.

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