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Blind Boy Fuller — “Weeping Willow”

Here’s a really unique acoustic guitar blues by Blind Boy Fuller.

This is video is from the YouTube channel of ‘Ragtime Dorian Henry’, who has taken over 1800 blues and ragtime recordings and made them into video soundtracks. You can listen to it all in playlists–an incredible educational resource for anyone interested in finding out about authentic, early 20th century blues. Dorian is a teenager from France who has been doing research on the blues, and is doing what he considers a public service “sharing this music with the whole world”.

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Ragtime & Blues Guitar Collection on YouTube

Do not go to YouTube if you value your life. There is too much there and yes, you will be enriched, but your laundry will never happen. Amazingly, there’s even lots of content for people like me who obsess about pre-war era acoustic guitar blues. I just found this insane channel where someone even more […]

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The Best Guitar for Fingerstyle

Discussions of guitars and guitar styles have gone on for so long they’ve probably contributed to global warming. But for guitarists, this is just the kind of discussion we’ll never finish.Lets go over a few of the other factors that distinguish a good fingerstyle guitar. Number one is a harder wood for the back and sides, mahogany being the frequent choice, often on a smaller body guitar. Some harder rosewoods are touted, but here, it starts being like trying to tell the difference between five different zinfandels. The same goes for distinguishing the effect of a harder spruce for the top. For me it comes down to a guitar that rings out, but doesn’t resonate to where the overtones are washing over each other and drowning out the overtones of the next notes. And mahogany does that well. This means that comparing the fingerstyle guitar you’re interested in with a mahogany guitar is a good idea.

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