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Rare 78s Found of Blind Blake’s Lost Sessions

Rare 78 rpm record has been found–the only known copy of some of Blind Blake’s final recordings that had never been compiled into a modern collection.
The two songs, A and B sides of a recording issued in 1932, were among the last Blake recorded. “Night and Day” and “Sun to Sun”

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Blind Blake – Georgia Bound

In the song “Georgia Bound“, Blake is in fine form as he sings evocatively of the Eastern Seaboard region known as the Piedmont, where he was from, bringing out the sounds and rhythms of his youth, the real Piedmont blues he had learned as a kid.

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Blind Blake – the Stevie Wonder of the 1920s

Mokai discusses Blind Blake … an important American recording artist at the dawn of the recording industry. Blind Arthur Blake is an unsung American hero. One of the first successful artist of the modern era, he died unnoticed outside of African-American society. His remarkable songs are musical masterworks. His first sides, where he burst fully formed onto the stage with flawless performances, display so much virtuosity they still leap of the record 80 years after the fact. In addition to his stellar guitar playing, Blake’s singing is finely modulated, full of pathos and humor.

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