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Performing guitarist, vocalist & songwriter Mokai has been obsessed with the acoustic guitar, and fingerstyle folk blues forever.

This Folk Blues Guitar Obsession Blog is a place for him to post information, history, music and videos and lead a discussion of fingerstyle, especially as related to folk-blues and right hand technique.

Mokai says:

Me and the ol' Harmony

Me and the ol’ Harmony

A lot has been written about Guitar, and even in the age of digital music, guitar-driven music still dominates. The Acoustic guitar, of course, has had it’s own impact; for me, it’s sounds and styles are touchstones for moods and emotions that can’t be expressed through any other means.

I want to interact with others who are exploring this rich terrain, and offer insights into my own approach to creating powerful, modern acoustic music on the guitar.

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I’m not here to teach guitar, review guitars or review and sell gear. But I do discuss guitar technique, qualities of different guitars and guitar makers, and other relevant gear and topics.

I’ve created an Amazon Store of Music, Instructional DVDs and TAB books. I think this is a great resource for those interested in the tradition and lore of Folk Blues, Fingerpicking and Modern Fingerstyle. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I get a little ka-ching when you purchase, helps keep me playing music and writing. Thanks, Mokai

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Mokai’s Bio: Versed in folk blues from an early age, Mokai accompanies himself on fingerstyle guitar, playing earthy original music. He tells gripping stories, rhymes freely, and through his songs, melds the strange and beautiful into rootsy performances.

Mokai’s solo shows — featuring his signature fingerpicking — are the real revelation. He creates an intimate world for his audience, with his bluesy voice, engaging lyrics, and innovative use of fingerstyle guitar. Mokai’s music pulses with rhythm — his driving thumb making him sound like he’s got a bass player in his pocket, laying down the bottom as Mokai riffs along on top. Bay Area DJ Rosalie Howarth (KFOG FM) commented: “Great message in a vivid, deftly expressed package…incredible live!”

Mokai’s debut CD “Unearthed” showcases a wide array of styles and moods from authentic folk blues guitar chops to raving poetics.

Mokai has made hundreds of appearances, at coffeehouses, nightclubs, festivals, house concerts and on radio stations.


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